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Thinking ahead to the warmer months
What influences this hotter, drier weather?
Water data everywhere
Understanding the water impacts of mining and coal seam gas
Developing the Geofabric
Season's greetings from the Bureau of Meteorology

Climate and water outlook video

Watch our video presenting the latest seasonal outlooks for rainfall, streamflow and temperature around Australia.

Seasonal Streamflow Forecasts

Streamflow forecasts for the December 2014 to February 2015 period suggest low streamflows are more likely at most locations.

ENSO Wrap-Up

Read the latest ENSO Wrap-Up about the state of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, one of Australia's key climate drivers.

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Water storage levels

 Map of Australia showing water storage icons
  Latest Previous
  % full % full
Australia 62.0% 68.9% 
ACT 71.9% 60.2%
NSW 50.7% 61.2%
NT 71.9% 62.3%
Qld 70.3% 79.5% 
SA 93.2% 95.5%
Tas 48.5% 63.6%
Vic 74.4% 84.7%
WA 80.7% 61.0%
Capital cities Latest Previous year
Adelaide 73.7% 79.1%
Brisbane 80.1% 93.0%
Canberra 84.0% 77.3%
Darwin 71.9% 62.3%
Hobart 98.8% 100.0%
Melbourne 78.0% 81.1%
Perth 31.5% 29.4%
Sydney 85.8% 89.3%

Water Restrictions

Our Water Restrictions website provides access to current water restrictions information for the whole of Australia—search by State or Territory, water agency and restriction name.

Title image supplied by John Ferrier, Birchip, Victoria.
Bureau of Meteorology
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Bureau of Meteorology
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     December 2014 Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Thinking ahead to the warmer months

  Thumbnail map showing chance of exceeding median rainfall for January to MarchWondering what conditions will be like for January to March 2015? The Bureau’s rainfall and temperature outlooks for this period are now available.

A drier than normal start to the year is more likely over much of Queensland and Western Australia.
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What influences this hotter, drier weather?

  Playbutton to watch 'Understanding ENSO' videoThe Bureau recently updated the ENSO Tracker status to El Niño ALERT. This means there is a 70% chance of El Niño developing, and summer might be hotter and drier than usual.

But what does that really mean for you and your fellow Australians? Watch our new Understanding ENSO video to find out.
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Water data everywhere

  Hot artesian bore, Queensland (c)  John CarnemollaReleased during National Water Week in October, the Australian Groundwater Explorer is a new web mapping portal for visualising, analysing and downloading Australian groundwater data. It is the first time Australian groundwater data has been publicly available at a national scale. 
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Understanding the water impacts of mining and coal seam gas

  Thumbnail image showing selected bioregions. Follow the link to bioregional assessments website. To better understand the potential impacts on water from coal seam gas and large coal mining developments, scientific investigations—called bioregional assessments—are under way in 13 locations across Australia.

Bioregional assessments will, for the first time, bring together all the relevant, available scientific information for specific locations to produce customised reports, maps, models, and data registers.
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Developing the Geofabric

  Sample Geofabric map image. Follow link to the Geofabric website.A new Geofabric monitoring point data package is available to help you use monitoring point features in Version 2.1.1. It also provides links to Water Data Online time series data.

We've also developed a new beta-release sample toolset, so you can create simplified networks, and download bulk Water Data Online time series data—building on the ability to create customised catchments for a set of user-defined points.
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Season's greetings from the Bureau of Meteorology

  Bureau's Christmas video  
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