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National Water Account 2013 shows increased pressure on water resources
Keeping track of El Niño
New eReefs video available
Exceptionally warm autumn sets records
Our weather website has gone mobile

ENSO Wrap-Up

Read the latest ENSO Wrap-Up about the state of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation, one of Australia's key climate drivers.

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Seasonal Streamflow Forecasts

The streamflow forecasts for June to August period suggest near median flows are more likely at most locations.

Water storage levels

 Map of Australia showing water storage icons
  Latest Previous year
  % full % full
Australia 63.0% 68.3% 
ACT 56.5% 35.6%
NSW 47.9% 61.5%
NT 93.3% 75.3%
Qld 83.2% 92.8% 
SA 91.3% 87.8%
Tas 44.2% 56.4%
Vic 69.9% 72.3%
WA 94.7% 74.0%
Capital cities Latest Previous year
Adelaide 57.1% 43.8%
Brisbane 89.8% 98.0%
Canberra 75.2% 63.3%
Darwin 93.3% 75.3%
Hobart 99.4% 98.3%
Melbourne 71.5% 70.8%
Perth 21.8% 18.4%
Sydney 82.5% 91.5%

Water Restrictions

Our Water Restrictions website provides access to current water restrictions information for the whole of Australia—search by State or Territory, water agency and restriction name.

Title image supplied by John Ferrier, Birchip, Victoria.

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National Water Account 2013 shows increased pressure on water resources

  Thumbnail of National Water Account 2013 Summary front coverDrier conditions in 2012–13 contributed to reduced inflows to water storages and higher water use across much of Australia, according to today’s final National Water Account 2013 release.

Total water use across the nine nationally significant water management regions covered in the account increased by 35 per cent from 2011–12.
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Keeping track of El Niño

  Advertising title promoting the new ENSO TrackerWith an El Niño likely in 2014, we have a new web page called the ENSO Tracker. This summarises the likelihood of an El Niño or La Niña occurring in the next six months.

The ENSO Tracker is a three-tiered alert system, with a dial showing the current status of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).
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New eReefs video available


Thumbnail image of eReefs videoDid you know at least 35 major rivers discharge water into the Great Barrier Reef? Watch our new eReefs video to find out how river waters impact reef health and why timely access to water quality information is essential to maintaining a healthy reef ecosystem.

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Exceptionally warm autumn sets records

  Thumbnail image of Australian map showing maximum temperature anomalies for period 8–26 May 2014You could be forgiven for thinking summer 2014 would never end. An exceptionally prolonged autumn warm spell over large parts of Australia saw May monthly temperatures well above average across much of Australia. This was despite a cool first week of the month. 
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Our weather website has gone mobile

  Thumbnail image showing the Bureau's mobile weather websiteThe Bureau's new mobile weather website ( is the only mobile weather service that provides forecasts pinpointed to a 6 km grid. It gives you the most accurate and localised information as you move around.
Watch how easy it is to use the mobile website.
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